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  • vintascope:

    Fatima Cigarettes, 1914

    (Source: retro-advertising)

  • centuriespast:

    NITTIS, Giuseppe de
    Breakfast in the Garden
    c. 1884
    Oil on canvas, 81 x 117 cm
    Galleria Giuseppe de Nittis, Barletta

  • vintascope:

    "járjunk szebb ruhában; vásároljunk készruhát!" Villamosplakát, ötvenes, hatvanas évek. Kiadó: Typopress.

    Buy ready-made clothes! Hungarian advertising poster, c1950-1960.

    (Source: scanzen)

  • moonabove-sunbelow:

    how is my cat REAL

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  • ghoulnextdoor:

    Robert Sammelin | ARTWORKS

    "Ballpoint drawing inspired by 70s Vampire/Sexploitation "

  • comedycentral:

    Nathan’s got a brilliant plan to make a toy popular on tomorrow’s season finale of Nathan For You.

    Click here for a clip.

  • Robin Williams: A Comedian’s Comedian



    Adrian Nicole LeBlanc remembers Robin Williams:

    “Williams’s manic permeability may explain why ordinarily loudly wounded comics pretty much gave him a pass when he used their material. Perhaps, too, they let it go because Williams was himself a kind of frequency, flipping through impressions, riffing off of what he found suggestive, which sometimes seemed primarily about the sheer marvel of the speed of his concoction.”

    Photograph by Jack Mitchell/Getty.

    (Source: newyorker.com)